Our History

Proud of our past, we live the present and create the future.

We have grown over the years, together with you

LMI College was born as the natural evolution of an innovative program of TutorASAP High Performance International Study Center, whose students with greater difficulties have a tailor-made program known as THP (TutorASAP High Performance Program) that allow a student unparalleled flexibility to provide solutions to the most complex problems that the educational needs may have to face. 
After more than 20 years helping students of all characteristics and needs, our founders, teachers and students encouraged us to begin this adventure where we will allow many more students to achieve the dream of a true and complete individualized education.
 The values of the school are determined by being an institution of maximum academic rigor accompanied by a humanism that permeates each of the activities, classes and decisions that affect the daily life of the school. For this very reason we have a maximum limit of 90 students that guarantees the rigor of teaching and the attention that our students require and deserve.
 All students are welcome in this center, regardless of their past, characteristics, previous grades or other factors so common in private schools in general. We care about the future of the students and that is why we do an individualized interview to generate an academic curriculum concordant to the interests of our students and families.
 Don’t think much more about it and get to know more about us, and of course join the LMI family.

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