Welcome Message From The School Founder

Proud to be the founder of this vibrant and inspiring school

A warm welcome to LMI College family where: “EVERY CHILD MATTERS”.

We are very proud of our school and the accomplishments of our students. The dynamic combination of our professional educators, dedicated parents and community members ensure that all students achieve beyond their potential and become lifelong learners to ensure their place as Global Citizens in International Communities around the world tomorrow. 

We encourage all of our students to become independent and creative thinkers. We take pride in the diversity of our school and provide a climate of respect and acceptance for everyone and offer a safe and secure environment in which every child is nurtured to achieve beyond their potential.

The children of LMI College are a diversely talented and unique group of individuals, who are both a source of inspiration and motivation for us all. A holistic and child centred approach leads to all decisions, developments and strategic planning actions for the well-being and success of all students. I especially want all of our students to aspire to be the best that they possibly can and I am committed to the school and its ethos.

Whilst preparing our students for an ever growing and challenging world, at LMI COLLEGE we place Core values at the core of all that we do for our students, parents, teachers and staff. Delivering the National Curriculum for England, our school focuses upon 21st Century skills, innovation and entrepreneurship.

We are very passionate about providing the best possible learning opportunities and experiences for all children irrespective of their strengths, challenges or needs. We continually strive to provide an inclusive, enabling and safe environment which empowers all our children to try their best and achieve beyond expectations. All teachers personalised approach to learning embraces and responds to diversity in individual learning styles and provides children with the skills, competence and attitudes for their future. 

Our school offers enrichment through various activities and events during school and through extra-curricular activities. We provide a wide range of opportunities in sports, art, cultural and performing arts programme beyond the school day as well as access to holiday camps, residential trips and participate in competitions and local events.

The well-being of our community- students, parents and staff is paramount and we place great emphasis on building relationships with high quality personal and social skills. Happy, safe and secure environment at LMI College directly impacts positively upon attitudes to learning and leading to highest standards of achievement.

I look forward to working with you for the benefit of your children. The parent-school partnership is something I firmly endorse and aim that, together; we can provide the very best educational experience for all our students. A partnership doesn’t mean that we will always be in agreement, but what we will be is always focused on what we feel is most beneficial, educationally, for the children of this school. I want the very best for all of you, your families and your children. I look forward to the challenges and achievements that we will share together with excitement.

Together I am confident that LMI College will continue to grow in spirit and I am excited about being part of that future and the educational and personal journey of every member of LMI community. 


Ashkan Nerusangy
School Founder

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