University Counselling

"Advising the path to academic success".

The college advising process at LMI College can vary depending on each student’s individual needs and goals. However, in general, the process includes the following steps:

Students and their parents will meet with a college counselor to discuss their academic and career goals. The counsellor will also assess the student’s academic history and skills to help identify the careers and colleges that best match the student’s interests and goals.

Students will have access to a variety of resources for researching careers and universities, including reference books, websites and college fairs.

Students will have individualised counselling to help them choose careers and universities, complete applications and prepare for interviews and tests.

The school provides advice and guidance in the search for scholarships and financial aid to help students finance their university studies.

After students have submitted their applications, the school will continue to work with them to help them prepare for the transition to university.

The college counseling process at LMI College is designed to help students navigate the college admissions process and help them find the best fit for their academic and career goals and objectives.

Alexander Andreadakis is our university counselling expert with extensive experience in helping students navigate the university admissions process and find the best fit for their academic and career goals and objectives. He provides individualised advice to students and assists in the search for scholarships and financial aid. With a focus on career and college research, Alexander helps students make informed decisions and ensures they are well prepared for the transition to college. In addition to his expertise in college counselling, Alexander also has a wealth of experience in education and a passion for helping young people reach their full potential.

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