Why study Physics?

Physics opens doors to some of the most exciting, cutting-edge, rewarding jobs in the world. This is where physics could take you in your studies and future career: From cancer treatment to tackling climate change, gaming to robotics and artificial intelligence, physics and physicists are on the front line, helping to shape the future.

Students who want a career in Physics or Engineering are expected to study physics at A Level, in which case students will need a high grade in GCSE Maths (or similar in their country’s educational system) and have a good grasp of the English language to study for the AQA A Level Physics over 2 years.

The subject content includes Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Nuclear physics, Electricity and Magnetism, as well as an optional topic to be chosen by the student from:

● Engineering Physics
● Medical Physics
● Electronics
● Turning points in physics
● Astrophysics

For further information, please visit the AQA page.

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