Part of an iconic city landscape

We are inspired by our environment

Let’s talk about Madrid

We love our city

You will find us in La Moraleja. Its very low population density, its size, the sports clubs and facilities, artistic and scientific settings and the magnificent preservation of its Mediterranean forest habitat all make La Moraleja, in the north of Madrid, a wonderful example of how to integrate the natural environment with a residential area.


La Moraleja is the favoured location of the ‘jet set’, it is where the children of the famous study – sports stars, politicians, etc.

La Moraleja is the perfect location – full of leisure facilities and extra-curricular opportunities, all of which are incorporated into LMI life; La Moraleja’s proximity allows our pupils to have the full experience.

“Our goal was to be in an environment where there would be a multitude of activities and experiences nearby, all of which form part of the LMI vision”

We adapt every classroom so it merges with the sense of what is being learned

We inspire. We teach. We redesign the space.

Our LMI classrooms are spaces designed for high-performance education; we were looking for the aesthetic to be not just academic but a space that inspires the students and encourages creativity. Our centre in Moraleja is an ultra-modern, innovative and creative environment designed so that the students feel secure and free to develop their critical thinking and grow in themselves.

We go beyond the norms: LMI is more than a school, it is an atypical and revolutionary educational experience. Our mission includes redesigning the learning space, leaving behind the traditional classroom and instead, making it a pedagogical resource.

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