Why study Mathematics?

Mathematics is an important part of many aspects of modern life: the sciences, medicine, engineering, technology, business and finance all depend on a good understanding and application of mathematics. Even outside of these specific domains, employers value the thinking and mental rigour that a study of mathematics helps to develop.

At LMI we study the syllabus of GCSE Mathematics over two years and in two different tiers, according to the abilities and needs of the student: Foundation and Higher. The AQA GCSE Mathematics course is designed to help students to develop confidence in the subject and an understanding of its relevance to themselves and to society in general.

Its study at the Higher Tier will provide a strong mathematical base for A Level Mathematics.

In general terms, students are expected to:

● Understand and apply standard techniques
● Solve problems within mathematics and in other contexts
● Reason, interpret and communicate mathematically

The subject content covers six broad areas:

● Number
● Algebra
● Ratio, proportion and rates of change
● Geometry and measures
● Probability
● Statistics

Furthermore, Mathematics is the most popular A-level taken in England, and is a prerequisite for most science and engineering degrees. Even where mathematics is not strictly required for a degree course, it can be very useful for dealing with statistics and numerical analysis that take place in other academic disciplines.

If a student has good grades at GCSE Mathematics: Higher or in their equivalent educational system, and a good command of the English language, they will be able to take A-level Mathematics at LMI. We cover the contents over 2 years, allowing students to develop skills in the following overarching areas:

● Mathematical argument, language and proof
● Mathematical problem solving
● Mathematical modelling

The subject content is split between Pure Mathematics (including proof, algebra, trigonometry, calculus and numerical methods), Statistics and Mechanics.

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