Why study Chemistry?

Choosing Business will help students enhance their critical and analytical thinking and hone their decision-making skills. Students may find that they possess many of the qualities needed to succeed in the business world. Possible career options with business studies include:
● Management
● Marketing
● Finance
● Accounting
● Banking
● Retail
● Industry
● Local government

The contents studied in Business Studies provide our students with the tools and information necessary to understand how companies are created and managed and how they succeed in today’s highly competitive environment. Case studies, one of the main focuses of the course, support the theories and numerical analysis, showing the reality of modern business and markets. The two-year AQA GCSE Business course covers the following topics:

● Business in the real world.
● Influences on business
● Business operations
● Human resources
● Marketing
● Finance

Students can choose to do a two-year course for AQA Business A Level which covers the following content:

● What is business?
● Managers, leaders and decision making.
● Decision making to improve marketing performance.
● Decision making to improve operational performance.
● Decision-making to improve financial performance
● Decision-making to improve human resource performance
● Analysing a company’s strategic position
● Choosing strategic direction
● Strategic methods: how to implement strategies
● Managing strategic change

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