Why study Biology?

Biology is the study of life, so studying biology is the best and truest way to understand the world around you. It is one of the most practical subjects for everyday life. By studying Biology, students learn to make more informed decisions about their own health and about important biological issues such as genetically modified crops, the use of antibiotics and the eradication of invasive species. In addition, students will also develop research, problem-solving, organisational and analytical skills. If you are a curious and inquisitive person, this subject is for you!

On the other hand, there is no better way to learn about science than through intentional hands-on activities as part of everyday teaching and learning. That’s why many of our students say that the most interesting part of the course is the lab practicals. There are 10 compulsory practicals in GCSE Biology and 12 in AL Biology. You will become a real scientist in our lab!

At LMI we study the AQA Biology GCSE syllabus over two years covering a broad spectrum of topics:

● Cell Biology
● Organisation
● Infection and response
● Bioenergetics
● Homeostasis and response
● Inheritance, variation and evolution
● Ecology
● Key ideas

If you achieve good grades in GCSE Biology or equivalent exams, you can continue to study for A Level Biology for 2 years. The subject content covers:

● Biological molecules
● Cells
● Organisms exchange substances with their environment.
● Genetic information, variation and relationships between organisms
● Energy transfers within and between organisms
● Organisms respond to changes in their internal and external environments
● Genetics, populations, evolution and ecosystems

In addition, studying Biology offers students great career flexibility. Whether you want to be a biologist, geneticist, microbiologist, doctor, nurse, veterinarian, pharmacist, biochemist, whether you want to work in research or industry, the range of career possibilities is enormous.

If you are interested in any of these careers or want to learn more about life, what are you waiting for? Join our school and learn biology with us.

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