Why study Art & Design?

Art and design, in all its forms, are the driving force behind the world’s creative output. From traditional gallery art, to web design and everything in between, self-expression and the harnessing of creativity is an essential part of being human.

The art industry represents a significant percentage of the global economy and encompasses a multitude of career paths. The skill and ability to follow artistic and design instructions is a skill in demand in many sectors.

At LMI, GCSE and A Level students can choose from one or more of the following subjects:
– Art, Craft and Design
– Fine Art
– Graphic Communication
– Textile Design
– Three-dimensional design
– Photography

At both levels students create a portfolio of two projects. This portfolio consists of a personal research project and an external work. Students will be assessed on their ability to develop, experiment, research and realise works of art, all while conducting simultaneous self-analysis of their work and the world of inspiring artists.

In Art, Craft and Design, students are introduced to a variety of experiences that explore two- and/or three-dimensional media, processes and techniques. In explore images, artefacts and resources related to art, craft and design from the past and recent times. past and recent times.

Fine Art students will have the opportunity to explore their interests in drawing, painting, mixed media, sculpture, ceramics, installation, printmaking, moving image and photography.

In graphic communication, students have the opportunity to explore a variety of overlapping fields such as interactive media (web, app and game design), advertising, packaging design, design for print, illustration, graphic communication, branding, multimedia, motion graphics and design for film and television.

Textile students are encouraged to experiment in the areas of fashion and textile design, costume design, digital textiles, printed material, home textiles and wallpaper, interior design, built and installed textiles.

In the three-dimensional studios, students have the opportunity to explore their skills in ceramics, sculpture, exhibition design, design for theatre, TV and film, interior design product design, environmental and architectural design, jewellery and 3D digital design. Photography students will develop their skills in the areas of portraiture, landscape, still life, documentary photography, fashion photography, experimental imagery, multimedia, installation photography and moving image.

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