Welcome to LMI

Proud to be the founder and Headteacher of this vibrant and inspiring school

Welcome to LMI School
Every year that I have the pleasure of leading this school, I feel the same gratitude and emotions as the first time our students graduated and were able to access the universities and degrees of their dreams. 
LMI College is not a single college, it is more than 90 colleges that coexist harmoniously and sometimes even mystically together in the same space. As Director of LMI College it is clear to me that students should not fit into their school, but it is the school that must transform and adapt to the needs of the students.
Each student is unique, and therefore studies in a different way, has different fears, unique aspirations and a totally divergent way of understanding studies and life in general. At LMI College we love the diversity of opinions and lifestyles adapting our curricular program to any student regardless of their difficulties, conditions or past, we only want to help you find your way, and make no mistake there is always a way. 
The experience of having such different students, professional athletes, gifted students, learning difficulties, students with chronic and acute diseases, both physical and emotional, receive here a learning of the highest academic level and unconditional love and support from our team of professional educators and staff. 
At LMI College it is the student’s strengths that we are going to empower, attending to their difficulties, and accepting our limitations, being aware that each student is born with a special gift that makes them unique and valuable, being our work as educating experts to find that motivation in the students. 
LMI College is therefore everyone’s school and none of them, it is the school you want it to be, being the center that illuminates your future when darkness becomes more present. But it is my mission and my task to remind all students that behind the deepest darkness there is always a light waiting to guide you. 
We would love to be that light for you,so let’s start preparing for the future!

Diego N. F. Shaw


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