Student welfare

All our care and all our professionalism

The foundation of learning is to have confidence in yourself and in those who help you.

A time full of decisions to make, change, growth, new emotions and welcoming adulthood – the school years are a delicate and definitive time for young people. New technology, the globalised world, the competitiveness of the market and other factors cause a lot of insecurity in students and this is why the school’s role is so important.


LMI College is a safe and respectful place where young people can fearlessly explore their mistakes, embrace their problems and face the challenges of the world.  We foster resilience, respect, empathy, courage, adaptability and commitment.  


We ensure that we understand our students, this is why our hallmark is familiarity, quality rather than quantity and transparency: you will get to know all your coordinators, tutors, classmates and everyone involved in your school life.

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