spanish CIVITS

Why Study Spanish Civits?

In Spain, in the 3rd and 4th years of ESO (Year 10 and 11) it is compulsory to take Language and Literature and Geography and History. Both subjects allow pupils to acquire knowledge and develop skills that will be beneficial for their academic and personal future. By taking these subjects, students may decide to study something related to them in the future or they may simply be useful as general knowledge that they can use not only in their private life but also in their professional life. Some universities carry out general knowledge tests to see what level students are at before they are admitted to these subjects.

In Language and Literature, students will study everything from the basic rules of spelling, useful for any written text they may have to study in the future, to the classics of Spanish literature such as Don Quixote or La Celestina and their authors.

In Geography, students will learn about the main characteristics of the economic sectors not only in Spain but also in Europe, something which may be useful if they decide to study economics in later years. In History they will learn about the history of Spain from the 15th century with the Catholic Monarchs to the present day.

At LMI we have adapted the syllabus to provide our international students with this knowledge in a way that is more accessible to them.

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