Our History

Proud of our past, we live the present and create the future.

We are a school like our students, young and determined to change the world.

LMI College was born in 2020 seeking something that all schools promise but none deliver. An education where students feel listened to, cared for, loved and helped.

All students are welcome at this school, regardless of their background, characteristics, previous grades and other factors that in public schools would normally cause some impediment. We only care about the future of our students, here the first thing we do is an interview to find out what their goals are. We care about the future of our students and that’s why we do an individualised interview to generate an academic curriculum in line with the interests of our students and families. 

Many British schools had more than 30 students per class and did not have the capacity to give them the attention they deserved. We decided that with our previous experience in ensuring the best results for students who came to us for help in certain subjects we would work to be their school. 

We got down to work and thanks to a great team that worked hard to design a tailor-made school with an individualised proposal where the most important thing is the student. We decided to be the only school in Madrid to offer all subjects so that the student would have the freedom to choose the curriculum and thus be responsible for his or her own future. We also modified the school environment, changing the traditional classrooms for transparent classrooms where there is freedom to enter, observe and encourage each other, creating tailor-made learning areas with open spaces to work in a cooperative way. 

We would like to thank the families who have trusted, trust and will trust us as they have made us grow and never forget where we come from, that is why for us they are the most important thing, putting emotional care as the main thing for us. 

After two years with the project and consolidating our results are our best reference, however if you have any doubts about us we can arrange a visit and so we know each other.



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