media studies

¿Por qué estudiar Media Studies?

In a world increasingly characterised by a constant revolving door of content, being able to sift through that information is a more valuable skill than ever. Advertising, newspapers, magazines, radio, television and films are just some of the mediums through which we are bombarded on a daily basis. Media Studies will equip students with the skills required to be an active analyst rather than passive recipient. The capacity to critically engage with media content is a skill applicable to a plethora of different fields. Not only will this skill increase in relevance as we enter the digital age, but honing the ability to critically analyse is a skill sought after by employers across the professional spectrum.

Media studies students will analyse a vast range of media products and develop practical skills in the deconstruction and synthesis of information. Contemporary and diverse topics entrench the relevance of the subject, with many student-led research projects which encourage proactive and independent learning. Students will also refine their capacity to debate from a well-rounded perspective.

The A-level specification offers a smooth progression from GCSE Media Studies in content and level. At both stages LMI students follow the AQA syllabus by covering the following areas:
1. Media Language
2. Media Representation
3. Media Audiences
4. Media Industries
Students will delve into these topics through the analysis of a variety of close study products such as film trailers, podcasts, magazine covers, billboard adverts, music videos, social media, video games and television episodes. In the latter part of the course the students will also be required to carry out a NEA (Non exam assessment) in which they will respond to a design brief. Some examples of these include the production of a double page spread for a magazine or a website. The project will demonstrate the students ability to research, conduct experimentation before concluding with a finished product, all with simultaneous self-analysis of their work. Media Studies is the ideal subject for inquisitive students with a natural curiosity for the world around them. This subject will facilitate students to observe, question and reflect independently.

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