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What kind of students leave LMI College

Developing good students and good people

We are a British school in Madrid for students aged 12-15, certified by British exam board AQA.

LMI is a place of learning not only in academic subjects also in personal relationships where we enhance the talents of each student without labelling them, we help them to grow as people and we prepare them to learn not only from successes but also from failures.



We focus our efforts on our students learning the way they need to learn. Not everyone learns in the same way, which is why we work with the methodology that best suits them.


Our One To One classes with tutors enable our students to process information better and be able to not only retain the information, but to understand it and not forget it.


We work on long-term memory, our students prepare each subject in a unique way by working towards fields that they are really passionate about. So they not only learn, but also enjoy the process.


Our students try to learn and understand the subjects in such a way that they all exist and contribute to each other so that our students are able to understand any problem they are presented with.


We know that students learn best when they are at 100%. That's why our students complete all their homework at school, so that outside of school they have free time to invest in themselves.


Our students know the world they live in and are able to understand and accept all the cultures and experiences that make up our schools, we have had no cases of bullying in our history.

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