High Capacities programme

For students from 14 to 18

"Unlimited capacity, exceptional education".

LMI College was born as an institution back in 1997. The original idea that brought the project to life has always urged us to seek for the individual development of every student at all levels. Every adolescent is unique and presents different needs – learning needs and personal deeper needs – that must be met in every case. Hence, we have devoted all our efforts throughout the years to developing a system capable of filling the gaps in a prevailing education system that is now obsolete and has proven unable to answer the actual needs of young talents.

Our high adaptability to the students’ academical, social, motivational, self-esteem and self-realization needs has become the foundation for the success of LMI College. To achieve this, we rely on different tools that help our most gifted and talented students get the best of themselves thanks to out tailor-made education programme. However, it is adolescents with high capacity who are especially benefited thanks to its high degree of personalisation and adaptation. The tools that constitute the basis of the programme, allowing talented students to shine with their own light by fulfilling their natural potential, are:

Individualised Education Plan (IEP).

Before the student starts his/her journey in the centre and after a rigorous selection and evaluation process, a 4 to 6-years’ pathway’s plan is drawn up. This plan will set the objectives to be achieved by the student and the path to follow to reach them. Both planning and the joint efforts of parents, specialists in the sociopsychological field and a highly trained teaching body, are indispensable to ensure that talent translates into academic achievement and personal fulfilment.

Psychologist and Counsellors

specialised in adolescents with high intellectual capacity who offer continuous support to our students throughout the academic year. In addition, we also receive direct support from prestigious external institutions in terms of tests, assessment, therapy and intervention. The professional support and follow-up of the student at both an academical and deeper emotional level makes it possible for talent to shine.

Flexibility in the academic offer.

The academic curriculum at LMI College offers the students not only a wide variety of subjects to choose from – avoiding the stiffness of predefined curriculums and imposed subjects – but also complements their choice with a first-rate academic and university advisory service. Our students complete their further education taking advantage of the flexibility that the British education system allows to ensure their admission to the most prestigious universities worldwide. This programme offers a unique opportunity to the brightest students without compromising their academic future and favours access to the university study of their choice.

Cooperation of parents and LMI College.

The joint efforts of parents and specialists from the centre play a key role in reaching the objectives beyond academic achievement. The emotional well-being and personal motivation of our students is a priority, as is our desire to involve parents of the students in the process. The LMI College Parents Association guarantees parents the chance to actively take part in their children’s education and encourages their cooperation to achieve their emotional well-being. Such collaboration has proven to be one of the keys to the success of the talent programme throughout the years.



• 4-6 years pathway's plan
• Setting individualised objectives
• Action plan for parents, specialists and teachers


• On-going support and monitoring
• Direct support from external reputable institutions
• Tests, evaluations, therapy and interventions


• Curriculum flexibility
• Internationally acknowledged
• 100% University acceptance rate


• Information about official examinations
• Direct contact with Universities, Colleges and Campuses


• Personal development beyond academic achievement
• Special attention to student's motivation


• Direct contact with parents
• Active participation of Parents Council in school activities



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