Combined Sciences

Why study Combined Sciences?

The Combined Science: Trilogy Award is a course that provides students with a thorough grounding in the three science disciplines of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The total content is equivalent to 3 GCSE qualifications.


The Biology component provides an overview of plant and animal physiology and how these biological systems relate within their broader ecosystems. biological systems in their broader ecosystems.

Specifics in the course include:

● Plant structures.
● Human organ systems, e.g. the circulatory and digestive systems.
● Biological reactions
● Heredity and evolution
● Ecology


The Chemistry component covers the structure of matter and aims to introduce the main principles of chemical reactions and the classification of materials. principles of chemical reaction and the classification of materials.

Specific aspects of the course would include:

● Atomic structure
● Mass and concentration calculations
● Chemical analysis
● Basic organic chemistry
● Atmospheric chemistry


The Physics component provides an overview of the interaction of matter, energy and radiation.

The processes included in the course are: included in the course are:

● The different forms of energy storage and transfer.
● Electricity
● Nuclear radiation
● Forces
● Magnetism

As the Combined Science: Trilogy Award covers a diverse range of scientific topics, it is a popular choice amongst schools and provides a complete explanation for the complex processes seen within the natural world. As such, the Trilogy Award enables students to grasp the key concepts that will be necessary for them to go onto study scientific subjects at A-level and beyond.

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