A-Level British School Madrid

A-Levels are the equivalent of secondary school in the British system. Our students are a cut above the rest, and we start preparing them individually for university.

Why LMI College?

Our unique methodology allows us to work with a maximum of 100 students each year, guaranteeing you the best grades and excellent preparation for A-Levels and university. With LMI College you will have small group, individual and remedial classes, meaning you will not be short of anything. We achieve educational excellence because we are fully committed, we trust our students all the way. 

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A-Level British School Madrid

You can choose three subjects from all of these:

Why is this stage so important?

Advanced Level (A-level), introduced in 1951, is the name of a group of optional qualifications taken by students in England, Wales and Northern Ireland at the end of the last two years of secondary education. In Scotland, this examination is known as Highers (also Advanced Highers). This exam could be likened to the Spanish Bachillerato, on the results of which further studies may depend. In the UK, universities make students offers of study depending on the results of this examination. The fact that this exam is recognised worldwide makes it possible to take it at international schools and British consulates. Grades range from A* to E.

We have the best team

With decades of proven experience, our team is ready to help our students achieve their goals, and beyond.

Our Teachers

Not only are they experts in their subjects, at LMI we train our teachers in the latest methodologies focused on each type of student.

Our Staff

We have the leading experts in international education in Spain. We have worked with more than 1000 students, giving them a tailor-made education.

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